The mosque and cultural center of Bialystok is considered as the gathering center for all the muslims and non-muslims in the region.

As a center of education and awareness, the daily prayers are established inside the mosque, besides it provides Islamic information for muslims and non-muslims, both in Poland and abroad.

Among the routinely activities are:

1. The establishment of the daily prayers, the Friday prayers and muslim festivities and rituals.

2. The establishment of general social circles for all the muslims are held in Arabic & Polish languages.

3. The center provides Islamic education for women

4. The center also gives Arabic language lessons for those interested in learning the language.

5. The center provides Islamic education and Quran lessons for the children every Sunday.

6. The center arranges ITTIKAF (اعتکاف) every month.

7. The center arranges events of collective fasting once in a month.

8. The center arranges events of collective IFTARS in the holy month of Ramadan.

9. The center establishes meetings for the muslim teenagers and students once in every 3 months.

10. The center distributes the Islamic books and leaflets inside and outside Poland.

11. The center welcomes the visit of any non-muslim who wish to see the center and the center also receives the telephone calls of those who want information about islam.

Among the non-routinely activities are:

1. The center establishes special courses.

2. The center arranges lectures for non-muslims at the universities and youth centers.

3. The center arranges camps during the summer and winter holidays.

4. The center arranges educational excursions for muslims inside Poland.


The Islamic & Cultural center of the Bialystok is situated on the Hetmanska street 63. This center has an Islamic library with different Islamic books about islam: The books are mainly in Arabic and Polish languages. This library is open for anyone who wants to borrow or read inside the mosque from 12 to 13 every Sunday.

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